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Sari Högström, Hanna Eloranta

The Finnish Kidney and Liver Association is a nationwide patient and non-governmental organization. There are 6000 members in 19 member associations. It supports the wellbeing of those with kidney and liver diseases and who have received organ transplants and their families and loved ones and promotes their rights.  The association does advocacy work in order that all the patients have equal access to treatment, rehabilitation, organ transplantation, and social participation. The association supports rehabilitation, organizes adaptation training courses and provides advice on social security. It also provides information on kidney and liver diseases and their prevention. It provides peer support and offers the opportunity for people to share experiences.


Pihat ja puistot ovat oiva paikka liikkua kaikenikäisille. #liikuntavinkki #mahtimaksa #supersankarimunuainen
Rohkeasti mukaan puistojumppaan tai muuhun ohjattuun ulkoliikuntaan. #liikuntavinkki #mahtimaksa
Suomen köyhyyden ja syrjäytymisen vastainen verkosto, EAPN-Fin, on avannut sähköisen kyselyn lakisääteisten sosiaal…