Mural art

I deserve to Know

I Deserve to Know is a panhellenic Project of free Liver Screening via the Method of Liver Elastography (Fibroscan), carried out by HLPA Prometheus. The purpose of this action is the continuous provision of liver elastography screening via the method of Fibroscan, to beneficiaries that have been diagnosed with liver diseases across Greece through collaboration with hepatology clinics and doctors of public hospitals.

Since the beginning of this project (April 2016) and until today (March 2017) the certified personnel of HELPA “Prometheus” has visited hepatology clinics in the regions of Attica, Rhodes, Patras, Crete, Thessaloniki, Volos, Veroia and Alexandroupolis with the potentiality of repeating these visits and visiting other cities as well.

More analytically, since April 2016 of implementing the project "I Deserve to Know":

  • 2.106 patients were examined
  • 55% were diagnosed with Hepatitis C
  • 19% were diagnosed with Hepatitis B
  • 5% were diagnosed with NAFLD
  • 1% were diagnosed with AIH
  • 3% were diagnosed with PBC
  • 1% were diagnosed with ALD
  • 16% were diagnosed with Other Liver Diseases

 “Prometheus” is committed to continue implementing this important project throughout 2017 in order to facilitate the living conditions of as many people that live with liver diseases as possible.

Expression of Health Through Art: Hepatitis C and the Importance of Testing (2016)

Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus”, implemented an awareness campaign for the general population regarding Hepatitis C, through “Street Art”. A pioneering idea, which "built" a new perspective for the disease with multiple recipients.

This innovative approach aimed to make a difference, "talking" to the public in a "different language". The main piece of the campaign was the creation of INO -, one of most famous artists and exponents of this form of art in Greece and Worldwide. Specifically, INO, created a mural art piece on the main wall of the building of National Organization of Health Care Provision (EOPYY) in Athens, Piraeus and Deligiorgi Str, impressing, the encouragement of the general population to focus on prevention, instead of a relentless pursuit of materials goods - a characteristic of modern societies.

With this campaign, Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” continues his quest to bridge the information gap regarding hepatitis C, to raise awareness, to promote prevention and also to encourage the general population to get tested.