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Marinela Debu



APAH-RO is a Romanian NGO, established in 2009, by a group of patients affected by liver disease. Currently, the association has branches and regional centres across the country, in Alexandria, Arad, Brasov, Bucharest, Iasi and Cluj.

Through its actions, the association secures the liaison between key stakeholders – medical community and representatives of the authorities, voicing the main concerns of the Romanian patients with liver diseases.

APAH-RO acts under the ,,For Your Rights!” motto and fights for patients rights, aiming to have in Romania:

  • A National Program for Hepatitis – prevention, diagnosis, access to treatment and monitoring
  • Screening program for the early diagnosis of hepatic affections
  • A National Register for Hepatitis
  • Access to treatment for a large number of patients
  • Psychological support for hepatitis patients
  • Broad campaigns aiming to raise awareness in regards to prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Broad campaigns aiming to raise awareness on patients’ rights and the issues related to discrimination (employment, integration in communities)

APAH-RO is a member of:

  • European Liver Patients Association (ELPA )
  • World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA)
  • The Alliance of Patients with Chronic Disease in Romania (APCR)