ELPA represents the collective voice of more than 100,000 people affected by liver disease across Europe and beyond. Adding your members to our community would only make us stronger and hopefully closer to our goals.

As Article 8 of ELPA Statutes states:

“Any party wishing to apply for membership shall be required to submit an application to the Board, accompanied by the documents specified in the internal regulations of the association. In order to qualify for consideration, such applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the next Board meeting.”

Having been recommended by the Board, the applicant shall be admitted by a two-thirds majority of full members, either present or represented, at a General Meeting of association members. Board decisions shall not need to be justified and may not be challenged. Applicants are free to re-apply if their application is unsuccessful.”

New members are accepted once a year, during the ELPA General meeting by means of voting.

Prior the Annual General Meeting ELPA Governing Board from each applicant needs to receive following documents (please note that all documents MUST be in English language) by midnight of January 31st, CET:

  • Letter stating that the organization wants to join ELPA (on official letterhead of the organization);
  • Decision of the organization’s governing body that the organization wants to join ELPA and that it accepts ELPA’s Statutes and By-Laws, Code of Conduct and Internal regulations;
  • Legal status: Copy of certificate of registration (in English language);
  • Copy of Statutes in English language;
  • List of governing body members, with their names, specifying their profession and whether they are patients or not;
  • A copy of the applicants latest audited accounts

All the documents should be sent to: and

Once all required documents are reviewed and approved by the ELPA Governing Board, they will inform the applicants of their decisions.

Please note that all expenses incurred will not be the responsibility of ELPA.