Big Yellow C’s at Thessaloniki, Greece

Big Yellow C’s at Thessaloniki, Greece

Big Yellow C’s at Thessaloniki

The Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” in the context of the main pillars of action, such as raising awareness and knowledge of general and specific population, visited Thessaloniki in order to continue the awareness campaign from Athens, with the campaign named C-afora. From 26.04.2014 to 02.05.2014, “Prometheus” held a week of prevention and testing for hepatitis C in the City of Thessaloniki.

We have managed to place 5 large yellow C’s, same as the ones that were placed in Athens for a week in central parts of the City of Thessaloniki. Specifically the yellow big C’s could be found in the areas: Aristotle Square, Navarino Square, White Tower (at the beach), Kamara Square and Tsimiski with Pavlos Melas at the central corner. The yellow C’s brought on them the informational message that «200,000 Greeks have this disease, and 80 % are not aware of it.”

Nearby the big yellow C was also placed a large stand (Width 80 x 190 heights, with C-afora logo on it) for brochure distribution. “Prometheus” volunteers were at the meeting points where the big yellow C’s were, from 10 am until 8 pm, offering information services and therefore prevention in people passing by the C areas. This was done by direct communication about what the yellow big C is symbolizing, which disease was indicated, what is the proper treatment, all about the new research and general information on viral hepatitis and particularly on hepatitis C. Also we distributed with informative brochure of ways of transmission of hepatitis C, contact brochure of our association and an instructions brochure with testing points. Our volunteers also urge people who passed by the yellow C to take pictures and videos around the C and to communicate it throughout social media.

Alongside with the brochure distribution our campaign made a weekly examination with cooperation of Thess-Checkpoint. In the area where the testing was taking place, the beneficiaries were informed also on issues of insurance coverage, on the circulation of new drugs and research in the field of viral hepatitis B and C. Also they were given a tri-fold brochure with all the information about transmission and instructions through booklet informing about “the next steps you need to follow” depending on the results obtained. Finally was given a brochure with contact info about our association, in case that someone wanted further information or psychological support.


During our weekly campaign we managed to conduct several presentations for prevention and awareness, in order to inform targeted population and general public about hepatitis C. During our staying we managed to visit:

  • The facilities of KETHEA (Therapy center for dependent individuals) in Thessaloniki named – Off Club (a harm reduction program, serving People who inject drugs (PWID). Along with the presentation for hepatitis and the new available treatments, we referred those who were not tested for hepatitis C in our testing-point (Thess-Checkpoint).
  • The rehabilitation center for drug addicts called “Arogi 12 +”, where hold a presentation at the rehabilitation center, in PWID who are abstinent from substances and alcohol. The speech focused on what is hepatitis C, transmission info, and new treatments and on insurance coverage issues. Finally we informed patients who were not tested for hepatitis C and urge them to get tested for free at Thess Checkpoint
  • The 1st EPAL Sykeon of Thessaloniki and made ​​presented to students that were at the last year of high school studying in the field of health and welfare. Also we informed them about the “C- afora” campaign and we distributed informative material and encourage young people to consider getting tested for Hepatitis C.