COVID19 & Liver Disease

COVID19 & Liver Disease

📣📣📣 ELPA Statement

#COVID19 & #Liverdisease

President Marko Korenjak

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Patients with advanced liver disease and recipients of liver transplants represent vulnerable groups and are likely to be at an increased risk of infection and/or a severe course of COVID-19.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic is placing an increasing burden on healthcare systems across the world, which could negatively impact the care of patients with chronic liver diseases who require ongoing medical attention.

To promote the best possible care in these challenging circumstances, ELPA is working not to let the attention on liver patients decrease. With its activities in the scientific, educational policy and advocacy fields ELPA, along with its members, stakeholders and supporters is fighting to keep liver patients in the spotlight and as safe as possible.

Together we can do it!