Croatian Association for Liver Diseases “Hepatos” proudly announces the start of providing a new PCR testing service within the Mobile InfoHep Center

Croatian Association for Liver Diseases

In order to provide users of the Mobile InfoHep Center with a complete “link to care” service, Croatian Association for Liver Diseases “Hepatos” in cooperation with the Public Health Institute of SDC,  is offering individuals, who need it, PCR testing for viral hepatitis so that infected people can be included in link to care as soon as possible.

On  27th January 2020 Hepatos Medical Vehicle – Mobile InfoHep Center has installed the Genexpert device, Cephid donation,  by which PCR is tested for HCV RNA to confirm the hepatitis C diagnosis and existence of the virus in the blood.

This device rounds off the excellence of the best-equipped mobile unit for screening and connecting viral hepatitis patients with local specialists as quickly as possible, confirming that the Mobile InfoHep Center is one of the best examples of good practice not only in Croatia / the region but throughout Europe.