ELPA Symposium ’19 “NAFLD and NASH from the patients’ perspective

ELPA Symposium ’19

“NAFLD and NASH from the patients’ perspective: what are the patients’ problems?”

The Symposium take place on  the 11th of April 2019 during EASL International Liver Congress in Vienna. Prevalence of NAFLD and NASH is increasing, cirrhosis and liver failure associated with NAFLD and NASH is increasingly recognized as indications for liver transplant, and patients should be monitored carefully for avoiding co-morbid factors linked because their risk of cardiovascular serious events. Today we do not have drug medications and only have diagnosis, medical advice and sometimes derivation to the hospital. The ELPA Symposium was dedicated to presentations about NAFLD and NASH today from the medical and patient perspective. The focus in NAFLD and NASH field should be on the work on the need for a great multidisciplinary evaluation and follow up, requiring the creation, in some centers already existing, of a very committed multidisciplinary team. We hope that ELPA symposium  bring more attention to the problems that liver patients are facing in the field of NAFLD and NASH. We need to develop medical and informational processes that will be easy to understand and beneficial for liver patients.

ELPA Symposium ’19 had around 1000 visitors which gave us great honor and encouragement to work more harder for the next year and have more and more visitors.