One of the most important strategic goals of European Liver Patients’ Association is member empowerment. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the impact of our members also at national levels. In our search for unified solutions we have recognized that in European Union issues regarding health, access to treatments and organization of health systems are in jurisdiction of Member States, that each country has its own rules and processes that also produce unique way of dealing with these health issues.

ELPA has recognized the extreme value of the ELPA@home structure for our members because the setting of the program is unique for each country we visit. We have some basic structure which is being replicated, but every time we try to develop program that is up-to-date with the latest information’s in the country and the problems we identify together with ELPA member of the country we visit.

ELPA@Home is a service provided to the members in which ELPA experts visit different countries and work with various stakeholders (NGOs, patients, physicians and media) to improve their activities and to build a broader coalition. The group meets important stakeholders in a round table discussion in an effort to solidify common ground upon which all partners can act together.

Basic objectives of the program are:

  • Identify the most important problems of patients of hepatitis in different countries/regions;
  • Identify common goals and agree on establishing a working body – coalition between NGOs.
  • Sharing knowledge between NGOs
  • Promoting Hepatitis Days that will follow the ELPA at Home program;
  • Structuring and maintaining Social Media Campaigns and their impact;

Screening is a primary objective. We believe that not enough is done. Effective steps are needed to overcome stigma, increase awareness, advance Hepatitis to the National Public Health Agenda and make Hep C a priority for Decision-Makers. Our goal is to see complete elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.