Raising awareness on #FattyLiver among children

Raising awareness on #FattyLiver among children

ELPA is back to school. Between May and June 2021, ELPA was involved in the EU Project PaCo,Participation in Society through Classroom Activities and Cooperation.”

The project, financed in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, involves 6 countries: Finland, Estonia, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovenia. It aims to develop students’ participation and citizenship education to provide the background knowledge necessary to maintain a civilized society. It also promotes associational activities with NGOs, decisionmakers, and local expertise in the schools. 

In this context, ELPA President Marko Korenjak had the occasion to talk in front of many teachers coming from the involved countries, how an International Non-Governmental Organization like ELPA works, its activities in the field of NASH, and he gave an overview of the disease also presenting some material to use with students.

In the second phase, the acquired knowledge has been transferred by the teachers in the classroom to the pupils. In a simplified language, but wholly and correctly, they could hear about the importance of a healthy liver, how to preserve its healthiness with a proper diet, and some good lifestyle habits.  

However, there is more. Now it is time for children from 6 countries to turn all this information into aunique piece of art. Some pictures of posters, collages, draws, etc., will be collected by ELPA and posted on ELPAs social media during the upcoming month, teaming up with the national ELPA members from the countries involved in the project.

The cooperation with ELPA Members will continue connecting them with the local schools to push forward the collaboration and the awareness on liver disease.  

Stay tuned!