Romanian Sano-Hep advocates for better collaboration between the government and patients’ organizations

Romanian Sano-Hep advocates for better collaboration between the government and patients’ organizations

28 July 2013 – World Hepatitis Day

“This is hepatitis. Know it. Confront it.”

This July 28 (World Hepatitis Day) was an opportunity for Sano-Hep Romania, to report on the activities that the organization, with all its subsidiaries, has developed in support of people with hepatitis B and C and in support of the authorities to reduce the impact of these diseases in Romania.

From July last year until now Sano-Hep Romania has conducted the following activities:

July-August 2012 – Campaign for detecting viral hepatitis B and C, in Brasov county, for 1007 people at increased risk for this disease.
National campaign “Viral Hepatitis prevention education” among students and high school students, involving the distribution of more than 350 000 educational materials by volunteers of the organization; meetings with teachers, through the partnership with the Ministry of National Education and collaboration with local school inspectorates.
The sixth edition of the International Congress of Patients with Viral Hepatitis organized from 17 to 18 May 2013 has proposed, through its topic and the participation of the representatives of all groups involved in the management of chronic diseases in Romania – patient associations, gastro enterology and specialists, Liver transplant specialists – an integrated approach to all aspects of chronic viral hepatitis in the health services in Romania. As the central speaker at the event, Mr. Eugen Nicolaescu, the Romanian Minister of Health, assured his support to Sano-Hep in his work and pointed out the role of patients’ associations in prevention, reducing this way the costs of later treatments. In addition to the debate, the Minister of Health renewed the cooperetion protocol with Sano-Hep.

“It is important for our association to represent the interests of all persons affected by hepatitis B and C and for all persons involved in the management and monitoring of these diseases in Romania. Our role is to be present with our activities in the public scene and with the patients. We will continue with the informing activities and education for young people.” said Mr. Gheorghe Ionescu, president of Sano-Hep Romania.

Sano-Hep is always present in the specialized committees of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance, following the efforts for the decisional transparency of authorities.

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