World Hepatitis Day ’19

It is time to end hepatitis, act now!

As World Hepatitis Day on 28th July is approaching, ELPA took the initiative to launch the project called “ Endhep in Europe” to stress out the importance of keep on fighting and finally eliminate hepatitis.

Too many people in Europe and WHO Europe region are still living with this disease, feeling stigmatized and lonely despite the fact that elimination is feasible and can be achieved fast.

For the successful elimination of hepatitis, we need to follow good examples from Europe and other parts of the world. The elimination of hepatitis in Europe is not just a national problem in countries in Europe, but also a joint problem of the European Union.

As the right to health is a human right, ELPA is calling out to a wider range of individuals and groups. We are calling out to media, professionals, citizens, governments, health managers, to end the stigma which accompanies hepatitis C and to be more open, to have a discussions about the care and available treatments. We are calling out for help to facilitate tools for sharing the awareness, information of diagnosis and the treatment and to emphasize the fact that hepatitis C can and should be eliminated once and for all.

Nobody should be left or forgotten. That’s why it is important to build a momentum and get as much of us working together, side by side on this issue.

Join ELPA’s biggest social media initiative on hepatitis elimination in Europe, help us spread the word and end hepatitis in Europe.


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