ELPA announces ELPA Pre-Summit on NAFLD

ELPA announces ELPA Pre-Summit on NAFLD

“Save the date!

ELPA announces ELPA Pre-Summit on NAFLD – information for and from patients, patient experiences and views on NAFLD, as a back to back event to EASL NAFLD Summit on 26th September 2019 in Seville, Spain.

As times are changing so does our approach. NAFLD is very much becoming a global and European epidemic and we need to act not only fast. We need to act together!

ELPA is very proud to announce upcoming Pre-Summit on NAFLD focused on Patient experiences & views on NAFLD where information from patients / to patients will be shared and discussed.

As we all know, several clinical trials, searching therapies which will improve survival and quality of life are ongoing but lifestyle change is something crucial that can be recommended to patients now.

ELPA welcomes our moderators Prof. Gamal Shiha and Dr Salvador Augustin and is very honored to have specialists such as Profs. Manuel Romero Gomez and Helena Cortez-Pinto attending the event and speak more about NAFLD, Public Health and education strategies in Europe. We will also discuss the importance of lifestyle and nutrition with Prof. Elena Maestre.

Obesity, liver transplant and children with NAFLD are also topics which will be covered from the patient’s point of view!

Join us at Seville and hear out lectures and experiences focused on patients and help us raise the awareness of NAFLD and its social and medical significance amongst wider public.”



European Liver Patients’ Association