ELPA Educational Training – DAY ONE, 17th June 2020

ELPA Educational Training – DAY ONE, 17th June 2020

The very first virtual ELPA Educational Training started today, 17th June with the greetings by ELPA President, Marko Korenjak.

After a short tour of presentation by all the attendees the floor has been taken by Dr. Teresa Casanovas-Taltavull. She broke the ice presenting about the impact of liver disease on Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL). Her presentation was an amazing example of translating complex medical contents into something very useful for the entire liver patients’ communities.

A quick Q&A session led the participants to the coffee break followed by the second presentation. Ms. Nadine Aknin from Sirtex, together with her colleague Ms. Claudia Pyfer, gave an overview on the selective Internal Radiation Therapy in liver tumours. A presentation full of details but easy to understand for the general public and a short, but comprehensive video pushed the attendees to ask many questions.

The first day of the ELPA Educational Training was wrapped up by Dr. Teresa Casanovas-Taltavull’s presentation about the COVID-19 and its effects on the management of liver patients. Thanks to the fact that this is a hot topic, many participants asked question to Dr. Casanovas-Taltavull regarding mainly to her point of view about the evolution of the pandemic and the situation related to hospitals and health care.

Before the end of the meeting ELPA President, Marko Korenjak reminded everybody about the topics scheduled for the next Wednesday’s ELPA Educational Training webinar and invite the audience to join on 24th June for another exciting ELPA Training Day.