IP-cure-B, 1st laymen event

The first IP-cure-B project laymen event took place on November 23, 2022. On the occasion of the ELPA educational training, some Principal Investigators of the project presented to ELPA members the scope of IP-cure-B and some aspects of the medical research in its framework. The project aims to develop novel curative concepts for chronic hepatitis B (CHB). Within the medical research project IP-cure-B, ELPA is responsible for disseminating and communicating the research results and any other information that can benefit patients and patient communities.  ELPA is actively engaged in translating the project results and milestones into “patient-friendly” language and incorporating the patient view during the dissemination process. ELPA is also consulted to ensure that the ethics documents, information sheet and patient consent form for the proof of concept (PoC) clinical trial are understandable by patients. The process of dissemination and communication involves all ELPA’s communication channels, and we actively participate in all events organised by the medical research project IP-cure-B. ELPA participated in creating webpage social media platforms and made sure of their updates with relevant information.