New article on HCC published in Liver International by Prof. Shiha, ELPA Director

New article on HCC published in Liver International by Prof. Shiha, ELPA Director

ELPA is proud to announce the publication on Liver International of the article ‘GES: A validated simple score to predict risk of HCC in patients with HCV-GT4 associated advanced liver fibrosis after oral antivirals’ written by Pof. Gamal Shiha, Director of the European Liver Patients’ Association and CEO of the Egyptian Liver Research Institute and Hospital (ELRIAH), Mansoura, Egypt.

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) risk persists after hepatitis C virus (HCV) eradication with direct‐acting antivirals (DAAs), particularly in patients with liver cirrhosis. Identifying those who are likely to develop HCC is a critical unmet medical need.

In three large cohorts of HCV patients with liver cirrhosis and advanced fibrosis with sustained virologic response (SVR) after DAA, Prof. Shiha and his team developed and validated a simple General Evaluation Score (GES). This score can accurately stratify patients according to HCC risk and help to identify patients who will not benefit from continued HCC surveillance based on a patient’s estimated risk, enabling a personalized surveillance strategy targeting those who are at high HCC risk.

GES score needs to be further replicated in further independent large cohorts of different origins before it can be further recommended for use for HCC surveillance in clinical practice. This kind of score can offer individualized patient HCC risk prediction.

ELPA would like to congratulate Prof. Shiha and Prof. Soliman on this excellent work and article. We are honoured and happy to have you in our ELPA family.

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