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Vlaams Hepatitis Contactpunt

Purpose of the Flemish Contact point for Hepatitis:

  • Peer together with viral hepatitis B/C patients so that everyone can share experiences and can support each other.
  • Collect and disseminate information (archives, magazine, book, website, ..).
  • Updated, accurate and understandable information on our website: www.vlaamshepatitiscontactpunt.be – www.vhcvzw.be
  • Fight for prevention and control.
  • Keep awake our government and doctors.
  • Defend the interests of our members.

Programs and actions of the Flemish Contact point for Hepatitis:

  • Organize annually cultural or recreational activities where friendships are forged.
  • Arrange and conduct lectures and presentations by leading specialists from all over Flanders.
  • Publish our quarterly journal ‘Hepafocus’ that provides news about our organization, information about viral hepatitis, national and international news and general inquiries. The magazine also wants to bring the power of life, despite hepatitis B/C, in words and in pictures, to all the stakeholders: patients, doctors, nurses, sponsors, friends …
  • Update the website so that anyone finds an answer to any question – on viral hepatitis.
  • Organize an online forum to offer support and guidance to those affected very closely by viral hepatitis: the patients and their partners. On this forum, exchanging experiences, concerns and desires can help to live a happy life with hepatitis.
  • Be accessible via the VHC information line on certain days.

Target group:

  • Dutch-speaking hepatitis B/C patients, families, care providers, … anyone interested in viral hepatitis.

Katrien Lammens (voorzitter)
Martine Persyn en Trice Geerts


Founding member 2005